The Old World is littered with locales perilous and forlorn: ancient crypts of forgotten kings, crumbling castles of long-dead rulers, shattered dwarf-holds, barrows and cairns of every shape and size, Nehekaran temples to dead gods, ancient Elvish ruins, all lay lost and forgotten in the mists of time and superstition. They are treacherous places, filled with mystery and danger. And LOOT! In taverns and coaching inns all across the Empire and beyond, bold adventurers live for the next tale of forgotten riches, awaiting the next big score. The greater the risk, the better the payoff, say these adventurers, who gamble each day with their lives. Most never live to see their big payoff, but that does not stop the brave and the bold from casting aside the drudgery of a “normal” life, and going… Crawlin’


wfrp_gm_1 Crawlin